When Do You Need an Oil Safe Product?

One of the major concerns of any shop, whether professional or hobby, is the dispensing and storage of lubricants. These products perform such a valuable function in machinery maintenance that great care should be used to contain and use them properly. Failure to do so can result in a costly mess and a very bad […]

Learn the Difference between Symmetric and Asymmetric Two-Post Lifts

One of the most common sources of confusion about two-post auto lifts is the difference between the symmetric and asymmetric varieties. From the vantage point of the casual observer, the two types look very similar. However, to a serviceperson who needs to easily enter and exit the vehicle, the difference quickly becomes apparent. A symmetric […]

A Quick Overview for Installing a Vehicle Lift

Whether you purchase a two-poster, four-poster, or mid-rise/scissor lift, there are certain steps that you need to follow to ensure that your lift is properly installed and ready to go when the first repair is waiting for the lift. Here is a quick overview of 5 steps that you should follow throughout the installation process: […]