What Will Auto Lifts Be Like in 100 Years?

After providing rotary lifts in Powder Springs for the past 36 years, we thought it would be fun to take a peek into the future and imagine the fantastic machines we might be offering 100 years from now. Technology has already taken great leaps since we opened in 1978, so the possibilities for the next century seem practically endless. Envisioning rotary lifts of the future should satisfy the inner science-fiction lover hidden in any mechanical technology expert, so come along as we imagine some possible innovations.

Accommodating the Epic Carpool

The school bus has grown dramatically since the early 20th century, when existing varieties of cars were simply repurposed to hold larger numbers of children for the daily commute to school. Current models can carry up to 90 passengers, and that size translates into some hefty weight. The highest-capacity auto lifts generally hold 30,000 lbs., but what if buses continue to grow? Desire for the fuel economy that both school and city bus fleets provide could lead to a development of greater-capacity vehicles, necessitating stronger and larger lifts. Just imagine the futuristic style of lifts designed to accommodate the potentially mammoth buses of the coming century!

Configuring the Future

Although current technology allows for flexible options in configuration, we may someday be able to offer even more choices. Rotary advanced lifting technology is already available in conventional, inbay Basic (iB), and inbay Productivity (iP) configurations on most models, but innovative minds can always improve on a great thing. More types of lifts will someday have a greater number of options to meet unique needs.

Guaranteeing Safety

Auto lifts need to be tested in a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) to make sure that they satisfy the American National Standards. Technology is constantly improving the ways in which manufacturers can ensure the safety of auto mechanics, and this capability will surely allow for even better performance of future lift equipment. After all, no innovations are more important than the ones that guarantee the safety of our valued customers and service technicians.