6 Different Types of Rotary Lifts

There are a wide range of rotary lifts for sale, but you first need to know about the different types. Learning about them and the benefits that they have to offer can help you understand which ones would be the perfect fit for your garage, warehouse, or other facility.

2 Post

The most common option is the 2-post lift. In fact, 2/3 of the lifts purchased are 2 post. One reason for their popularity is the fact that they take up less space. It’s also easier to access the undercarriage and the wheels of the vehicle, as they hang free. 2-post lifts come in 2 varieties: asymmetrical and symmetrical. Do your research to determine which one is right for you.

4 Post

4-post lifts are incredibly versatile, and they can handle all sorts of cars, trucks, and vans. They contain roller ramps to easily mount the vehicle, and they have higher-rise heights so you can feel free to move around under the vehicle. It also contains a heavy-duty locking system to keep everything in place while you complete your work.


Facilities and technicians are more likely to choose parallelogram lifts. These lifts have no columns, helping to increase productivity. You can choose 4-leg, 6-leg, or 8-leg lifts depending on the type of vehicles on which you work. It also contains surface mounts, mechanical locks, and a clear foot design for added convenience.


Scissor lifts, also referred to as Y-lifts, are often used for alignment jobs. You may also see them used in factories to help with assembly lines or the transferring of heavy cargo. They have an extra-large runway, so they take up more space but offer more leeway when working under the vehicle.

In Ground

The first lifts were in-ground lifts. The first ones involved digging out a hole in the ground, so the mechanic could fit under the vehicle after it was driven over the top. In-ground ramps today are simple but efficient. They’re also a great option for narrow workspaces. They contain 2 vertical ramps with platforms or an arm system to hold the vehicle in place. They can hold 5 tons of weight and have low operational and maintenance costs.


Mobile lifts come in 4 or 6 columns. They are battery operated, so they are not tied to one spot. Since the mobile lifts can freely move around your garage or industrial facility, it can be a great way to increase your business’s productivity. They also come with adjustable wheel forks to accommodate various vehicles of different sizes, so you can use them with a wide range of vehicles.

The type of rotary lifts for sale that you decide to purchase should be based on your needs. Contact Reliable Hydraulics Inc., and we can help you determine which rotary lift type is the right one for you based on the vehicles that you service, the jobs you need to perform, and the space in which you have to work. We can also help answer any questions that you have about these different types to help you choose the right one and keep it working properly for you.