7 Tips for Lubrication Equipment Success

72-Tips-for-Lubrication-Equipment-SuccessWhen our customers ask for tips on keeping their shops running smoothly, we counsel them to use good lubrication equipment. Obviously, this is our attempt at clever hydraulic maintenance humor, but it is also very sound advice. A quality lubrication apparatus will reduce friction on both machinery and on the employees who operate it. In fact, many studies suggest that 70% of machine failures could have been prevented by proper lubrication. To help you avoid unnecessary stress, we have listed 7 steps to successfully use this maintenance equipment.

Put Someone in Charge

One key to using lubrication equipment effectively is to maintain a schedule. A competent supervisor needs to oversee the rotation of maintenance on equipment, and this includes scheduling regular lubrication. Having one person in charge lessens the chance of it being done too frequently, or worse, not at all.

Keep Records

Because the person in charge, no matter how knowledgeable, is unlikely to have a perfect memory, he or she must maintain perfect records. This will further help to avoid hit-or-miss lubrication equipment use.

Maintain the Right Equipment

Following the recommended lubrication schedule is not helpful if it is the schedule for the wrong machine. Make sure you are treating each apparatus as an individual. Read the recommended maintenance routine provided by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

Control the Inventory

In your excitement to find the best and latest lubricants, try not to get too carried away. The fewer products you stock, the better. This will help avoid the inadvertent use of the wrong one, a mistake that is both easy to make and difficult to fix.

Use the Right Product

After keeping the variety to a minimum, you still need to check the product. Make certain that you are indeed using one that is specified by the OEM.

Keep It Clean

Avoid mixing products with each other, unless of course that is the recommended procedure. Also, keep debris away from these products, as grime will obviously defeat the purpose of a lubricant.

Request Feedback

If you are looking for the best ways to utilize your lubrication equipment in Kennesaw, have a trusted serviceperson inspect it regularly. If an apparatus does break, ask for the reason. If you accept advice on ways you can improve your lubrication procedures in the future, your machinery will thank you.